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Connected Barbecue : When igniting a barbecue becomes child's play !

Easy to ignite

You love grilling meat or fish on your charcoal barbecue (otherwise you wouldn't be here) but you don't do it often because you don't like to ignit it. With Start'N'Grill, the chore is over, you press a button and your barbecue ignits by itself in less than 2 minute. And to make your life even easier, we've added a sturdy work surface, a thermometer, a simple ventilation control, a utensil holder, an ash tray that doesn't get stuck, and even a bottle opener for the classic pre-barbecue beer (to be consumed in moderation).

And because you always want more (we know you well), we add a stainless steel cooking grid to grill all your fish/sea fruits and vegetables like a chef. If you have a fireplace, we recommend our compatible accessory that will allow you to start a fire in less than 2 minutes.


Barbecue accidents do not exist with Start'N'Grill. You don't use any product to start your barbecue, neither firelighters, nor alcohol, nor any petroleum derivative (note by the way the nice saving because you can now cross these products out of your shopping list). This also means that none of these products can be deposited on your food during cooking.

Plus, with our Start'N'Grill app, you don't even have to be near your barbecue 2.0 to ignit it! Zero risk of accidents when igniting with Start'N'Grill. And you have to admit that it's nicer to stay with your friends during the aperitif than to be the one who has to do the chore of starting the barbecue with your friends having a good time without you in the background.

Cooking quality

Our Start'N'Grill Connected Barbecue is made of galvanized steel with a nice rustproof powder coating and we have chosen stainless steel for the most sensitive parts such as the ash tray, the bottle opener or the utensil holder. Despite all these precautions, we still advise you to store your connected barbecue under cover if you can. Statistically, 20% of you are negligent (we won't give names, they will recognize themselves) and as we don't want to see any of you damage your beautiful BBQ, we offer you a nice protective cover!

The automatic ignition system is protected by a perfectly waterproof steel case. It is easily removed after each use and stored at home.


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