BBQ avec SNG box
BBQ avec mesure

Automatic ignition and all the features designed to make your life easier in one barbecue. We've thought it all out to make you the boss of the barbecue even if you've never touched one in your life before.
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  • Our Start'n'Grill Barbecue is a charcoal barbecue that is as easy to light as electric and gas barbecues. Users enjoy the convenience of gas or electricity ignition without sacrificing the qualities of a real barbecue that can only be charcoal.
  • The ignition system incorporated on each of our models is the subject of a French patent.
  • The ignition is done by a simple supply of hot air directly on the coal at the entrance of the steel tank. There is therefore no flame or smoke during the lighting, nor is it necessary to bring liquids, cubes, small wood, newspaper or other firelighter products: in less than 2 minutes, beautiful embers in the heart of the tank allow to start the cooking.
  • This lighting process, besides its obvious comfort, is therefore environmentally friendly and economical, requiring no toxic products to facilitate lighting. There will also be no residue of these harmful products that will be deposited on the food during cooking.
  • We also offer 1 stainless steel cooking plate for your fish, seafood and vegetables so that you no longer have to put up with food that falls into the charcoal vat and rekindle the flames. The cooking process retains the same properties as cooking directly on the grill.
  • The BBQ is also equipped with a large and sturdy worktop to place all your dishes and preparations, a utensil holder allowing you to hang up to 3 utensils, and last but not least, a bottle opener!! A low shelf under the BBQ allows you to store a bag of charcoal.
  • Our BBQ is also connected to our Start'n'Grill application. From now on, you can light your barbecue with your smartphone without any effort !!! We enjoy the aperitif until the end with our friends, we light the BBQ remotely without leaving the table and we get up only at the last moment to admire the embers and start cooking the food (we haven't yet found out how to do it automatically from the application J ).
  • 2 usb ports for recharging in all circumstances.
  • a 6-metre self-retracting extension cord so no problem if you don't have any outlets in your garden
  • Its rectangular cooking surface is optimal, not losing 1cm² unlike round bowl barbecues.
  • Its suspended charcoal tray allows it to consume 40% less charcoal than a conventional barbecue and prevents the tank from rising in temperature, thus annihilating any risk of burns. 
  • The manufacturing quality is excellent, it is a product designed to last; we did not skimp on the choice of materials.
  • Its elegant and refined design will look great on your terrace or in your garden, more than a barbecue, it is a real outdoor furniture.
  • It's so perfect that we can't bring ourselves to let you damage it, so we give you a nice, heavy-duty cover to keep it safe. We'll let our competitors sell overpriced accessory covers.



  • Charcoal Barbecue
  • Easy Assembly
  • Easy cleaning
  • L 109cm x l 54.5cm x h 98.5cm
  • Cooking Height 81cm
  • Cooking grid 45 x 34cm in Stainless steel
  • Warming grid 42 x 20.5cm in stainless steel
  • 43.8 x 30.3 cm galvanized steel charcoal tray
  • Lid L54 x w38.5 x h18 cm galavanized steel 7mm thickness
  • Tank L54 x l38.5 x h23 cm galavanized steel 7mm thickness
  • ash pan L53 x W38.1 x H2.3cm stainless steel
  • Work top 32 x 47.6cm stainless steel
  • 2 black plastic wheels
  • An automatic ignition box (SNG Box)
  • Start'N'Grill App to download on Google Play or Apple Store

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BBQ avec SNG box

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